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Meeting the architects demands for this unique project was a function of understanding a multifaceted challenge, The engineers created a low profile, long-span system designed to meet the structural challenges of panels that exceeded 18m in length and between 7.5m and 21.5m in width. Crucial to the decision was the choice of Gallina PoliCarb® 25mm multiwall polycarbonate with reinforced structure, developed and supplied by Gallina USA exclusively for this project. This was the ideal compromise between strenght and weight allowing a cost-effective means for providing structural integrity, shading and lighting needs for the park spectators and players and overall value for the developer.


The design team decided for a translucent polycarbonate PoliCarb® as proposed by Gallina USA

The complete system of sheets and aluminium profile indeed conform to stringent USA requirements.

Light transmission
Light weight
Wind and load resistance

The advantages of having selected Gallinas PoliCarb® sheets are multiple:

  • Natural light is diffused through the canopy eliminating glare;
  • The unique profile of PoliCarb® 25 mm sheets affords the possibility to design a light steel structure with outstanding wind and impact resistances;
  • The canopy design and the flatness of the PoliCarb® sheets amplify crowd noise from the tribunes;
  • The possibility to produce and install long sheets allowed for the installation and connections between different slopes.

And the final result is

The structure with such span and low slope realized with Policarb sheets manufactured in customized lengths, is definitely a unique solution and it can be considered a turning point in the design of translucent canopies of large dimensions.

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